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tailored systems


At HDCCTV we can tailor both new systems and upgrades using the latest in scalable and up-gradable technology to suit the needs of any customer.

We Design a System to suit you After investigating the site we are then able to design a system according to the provided budget, considering factors including the following:


Depending on the users needs and the sites constraints we can install either the latest in IP or HD-CVI systems. Both systems offer High Resolution cameras with IP focusing on flexibility and a modular approach while HD-CVI is more budget friendly and incredibly reliable due to its cable based nature.


We always ensure to deliver our systems to meet the budget target while still installing only the latest in technology to ensure a future proof system.

Upgradable and Scalable

We always ensure to use scalable and upgradable technology in order to allow for us to add to or update the system at a later point should the users requirements change.


We also will try to cover every important angle on the site, with options such as PTZ cameras and wide angle cameras to help. We will always test out the coverage after install and make changes where neccesary to ensure a well protected site.

Remote Viewing

Our systems come with a Mobile and PC Software suite to view remotely allowing you to check in even when abroad.

remote viewing

With software for Mac/Windows and iOS/Android you can view your system from most devices anywhere you have internet access. This allows peace of mind for business owners and home owners allowing them to check in, playback footage and even capture clips or snapshots.

Mobile Viewing

iDMSS and gDMSS Apps for iOS and Android Smartphones are available.

PC and Mac

Smart PSS is available for for Windows and Mac Computers.


After Sales Services

We strive to ensure every customer is completely satisfied with their system both during and after installation. We offer footage retrieval services as well scheduled maintainance to keep your system operational.

From the beginning we strive to ensure we are meeting the needs of our customers and the quality standards we hold ourselves to. All our projects come with optional maintenance agreements to have our expert installers ensure your system is always fully operational. Should a customer have an issue we will always have a technician with them as early as possible. We also offer a footage recovery service should any incident occur, in which one of our experts will search for relevant footage and download it for the customer to provide to the relevant authorities.



How does Remote Viewing Operate?

For Remote Viewing the user must have a broadband connection. The broadband must also allow sufficient upload speed to push footage to remote viewers. To remotely view the second device must also have an internet connection via Wi-Fi or Mobile data with sufficient download speed to pull the footage down.

Why Do You Keep An Engineer Login on the System?

All HDCCTV systems have an Engineer login. This is the case to ensure that in the case of any incident or issues a HDCCTV engineer can access the system and assist. HDCCTV employees never access your system without permission.

Whats a Maintenance Agreement?

This is an optional contract between a Client and HDCCTV in which an engineer will undertake scheduled Call-Outs to ensure all aspects of the system are functioning correctly.

Whats the Difference In IP OR CVI?

IP systems are Internet Protocol based. They are incredibly modular and flexible as they don't always need cable runs back to the Recorder. This makes them incredibly easy to scale and extend versus a HDCVI System. HDCVI systems are the latest platform traditional style CCTV Systems. Their protocol allows them to be Retro Fitted into any existing Analogue system by swapping a Recorder and the Cameras. This allows an easy upgrade to HD systems for existing systems. They also have a much lower initial cost, however the requirement of running cables will make them less flexible.

What Platforms can I remotely view from?

Our systems have software available for the major operating systems: Microsoft Windows Apple macOS Apple iOS Android

DO CCTV Systems offer Alerts?

Systems can do basic email alerts. We do not recommend relying on this to alert you of any incidents. At HDCCTV we are firm believers that a solid security system uses both CCTV and an Intruder Alarm. If you require an Intruder alarm we have a Partner Firm that can help.

Can I Playback my System? Can I playback remotely?

From the DVR, PC/Mac or Android/iOS software you may search back through any recorded footage. We will be shortly setting up tutorials for users.

How do I backup Footage?

From the DVR, PC/Mac or Android/iOS software you may search backup any footage recorded. We also offer a Backup service where our Engineers will search through footage and find the correct parts, back it up and provide the customer and relevant authorities a copy when requested. We will be shortly setting up tutorials for users.

Are there any Monitoring Options

Our Standard systems don't include any monitoring options. If a customer requires a monitoring service we can set them up with one from one of our partner companies.

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